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Holistic Resource Center

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Learn more about the Kwatamani Holistic Institute of Brain Body & Spiritual Research & Development, the Kwatamani Holistic Living Family Community and the Kwatamani Sacred Ancestral Sanctuary. Find out about our raw and living foods preparation classes and retreat services. Read wholly messages by the High Priest Kwatamani. Order Holistic Living Resource Materials: Books, CD's and DVD's. Sign our mailing list.

Sacred Garden Culture Network


... A full spectrum information channel that focuses directly on garden culture, i.e. veganic gardening and the preparation and consumption of raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts--with a focus on providing a profound combination of holistic living data presented in a variety of multi-media formats, including video presentations and documentaries, demonstrations, musical expression, photo galleries, user forum, veganic gardening bulletin board and current events and news items related to veganic gardening and the consumption of raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts....