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The Sakred Ankestral Temple of KWA TA MAN I

The emergence of the Sakred Ankestral Temple of Kwa Ta Man I is a powerful response to a desperate call. A desperate call has been received from so many people, a call for help, for rescue, for relief, for mercy, a call to stop the madness that has spread across the planet...

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This is what the Sakred Ankestral Temple of  Kwa Ta Man I is all about:   

Divine consumption of the fruits of the Tree of Life, raw and living fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, herbs and spice, divine union of masculine and feminine energy as Man, He and She, the forward multiplication of divinity into every offspringing vibration of He and She into the generation next of divine social economic family community order.
If it is not about this, then we are not about that.

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